Friday, August 19, 2011

My Horse is BUFF

Today, I noticed that Charmer has quite bit biceps/triceps... Pictures tomorrow if I remember!! Ha... I guess that's what happens when a horse gets ridden 5/6 times a week!! But I'm sure climbing mountains once a week helps too! ;)

So anyway.... Horse show this weekend! Yay!! I'm extremely excited. We're sticking to 2'3'', because I don't want to over-face Charmer as he's just getting his confidence back. He's been doing so well at home, it really is awesome. We repainted some poles and put new turf on the quarter round, so everything looks all nice and shiny  He jumped all of these new sparkly, spooky jumps the first time around! With nearly no looking and definitively no over-reacting. Fingers crossed the show goes the same way! *knock on wood*

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