Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Horse Show Coming Up

I'm going to a kinda big (for me) horse show in July :D It's the first show I've been two that's more than one day, which I think is going to be awesome because it'll give me a chance to sleep, think, and regroup for the next day.

I'm super duper excited and I hope Charmer and I do well.
I just plan on doing our best and being relaxed and happy. And I really hope Charmer doesn't kill himself in his box stall... he doesn't like box stalls very much... :(

We're not going to have lead changes by then... but who cares!! It'll be an awesome experience for both him and me. It's not a super big deal either since he's been landing his leads pretty consistently.

We're just going to do 2'3'' for this show, but we'll probably school around at 2'6'' for the warm-ups so the jumps in our courses look itty-bitty. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fresh Start

So, this whole consistent blogging thing never really worked out for me. BUT, it is summer, so maybe I'll start posting more. 

This blog is going to become more of a way for me to track Charmer's condition and how we're coming along. I'll probably only post if I find something interesting to write about. xD Or if I had an awesome lesson that I need to document.

Feel free to continue to follow our journey!